What is an Eco Tour?


Guided Eco Tour

What can I expect?

Your 2-3 hour privately guided eco tour begins as soon as you arrive to the SeaLyon Paddle dock. Here you will be greeted by your guide/ground lesson instructor to complete your waiver and begin your pre-tour, safety meeting and full ground lesson. This is where you will learn proper paddling techniques along with the rules of the water. Everyone will be fitted for PFDs and appropriately sized paddles. While we recommend leaving all personal belongings safely on shore, dry bags are available at no cost, upon request.

The guide/instructor will get all paddlers on the floating dock and onto their SUPs, one-at-a-time. Once all guests and guides/instructors are on the water safely, the tour will begin.

On the Water

The first stop of the 3 mile tour is our very own “manatee cove” where, on most days a few playful friends can be spotted socializing or just simply sunbathing near the mangroves.

Next we enter our pristine, peaceful mangrove trail, complete with two full-canopy red mangrove tunnels, You’ll learn about our interesting and vital estuaries, eco systems, and environment, and may even see some local wildlife. The tour loops back around to revisit “manatee cove” before heading back into the marina.

What should I bring?

We suggest wearing a bathing suit since this is a water sport. We highly recommend wearing a UV-protection sun-shirt, hat, environmentally-friendly sunscreen (for body, face, and lips) and sunglasses (preferably polarized to cut sun-glare in the water, allowing for easier viewing of wildlife). We suggest leaving shoes on the dock, as barefoot is the safest way to ride a SUP. While we do provide water for our guests, we make every effort we can to be environmentally conscious and sustainable and invite you to bring your own reusable water bottle. We also recommend eating a meal before you arrive at SeaLyon Paddle Adventures, but a small snack is welcome to sustain you through your tour. Remember the eco tour (and all rentals) will be 2-3 HOURS ON THE WATER.

For prices, times and availability, please call or text (239) 848-1915 or send us an email at sup@sealyonpaddle.com


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