About Us

When a dream of an opportunity presents itself; to educate others about your surroundings and share the beauty of your backyard, with visitors and locals alike, you jump on it. Jeff Lyons and Kristen Strain grew up on and around the water. Originally from the northeast, both Jeff and Kristen have been residing on the southwest Florida coast for well over 15 years. They are passionate about the water and the surrounding environments, helping the community in as many ways as possible, and advocating for clean water everywhere.

A former Marine, Jeff has an extensive background being a Florida State-Certified Special Olympics Coach, lifeguard and a special needs vocational instructor, along with being a volunteer firefighter in his younger years. Kristen was an elementary school teacher for over 10 years, aiding in becoming a yoga and children’s yoga instructor. With paddle boarding a common interest amongst the two, a dream was born. Between the two of them, Jeff and Kristen have over 25 years combined experiene in the hospitality industry. SeaLyon Paddle is here to accommodate all of your SUPventure needs!


At SeaLyon Paddle Adventures we want to ensure that each and every customer has the adventure of a lifetime, that is why all of our staff members are certified, licensed, and insured. With over 25 years of experience on the water, you and your family will be guided and instructed with your safety and enjoyment as a top priority.

We strive to advocate for the water, land, and all living things that make up our beautiful piece of paradise here on the gulf coast of southwest Florida. We educate visitors and locals alike, through our guided tours, and allowing each person to truly connect with the surrounding environment. Collaborating with local organizations, businesses, and charities, SeaLyon Paddle Adventures is here to serve the community.